Metlink City Safari

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The Rules


The rules for the Metlink City Safari have been designed to be as simple as possible.  You get time before the event starts to plan your day's adventure, then you get 3 or 6 hours (depending on what event you enter) to visit as many spy briefcases as possible.  If you are late back, you will get points deducted.

Here are the rules in a bit more detail

  • Maps and question sheets will be collected at registration time.
  • Teams will leave the start/finish area after the starter's gun.
  • Teams will have 3 or 6 hours to visit as many spy briefcases as possible.
  • Teams must stay together at all times.  You must all approach each checkpoint together.
  • Different spybriefcases are worth different points.  Each briefcase has an ID number.  Just replace the last digit with a zero to work out how many points a briefcase is worth.  For example, briefcase 65 is worth 60 points.
  • Don't be late back.  For every minute (or part minute) you are late back, you will be penalised 10 points.


Our maps are so good that a GPS won't really help a lot.  But if your smartphone has a GPS, and that is how you feel comfortable navigating, then you are welcome to use it.  Note: this is an exception for the City Safari.  Most navigation challenges don't allow the use of a GPS.

The GPS on your phone works really well with the Metlink website, where you can see where you are and where the next GPS tracked bus is.