Metlink City Safari

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Orienteering Hutt Valley have been designing fun family navigation events for over 30 years.

We have excellent maps that show all the tracks, roads, and parks from all over greater Wellington.

On the day of the Metlink City Safari you will receive a map book.  The map book will show where the spy briefcases are located.  These may be anywhere in Greater Wellington.   Starting from the grounds of parliament your challenge is to collect the most points by visiting and unlocking the spy breifcases.  Teams will need to return to the start/finish line on time, as arriving late will result in heavy penalty points.

You will be earning points for both your team and also your "spy agency".  There are three spy agencies, so you have a really good chance of your spy agency winning.

The format of this event means it is rewarding for everyone from serious athletes to families who like a bit of competition.

At the finish line we will provide a prizes, and a chance to reflect on your adventure.

It's as simple as that.

If you are comfortable with a normal road map, you should have no problem with the navigation.

Teams will consist of 2-5 people.


Spy Briefcases


Each spy briefcase will be at a distinctive landmark or location. You can't miss them. The challenge is to get there - not to find something once you are there.   For example the description may be "underneath the slide near the Surf Club", with the map showing a circle at Lyall Bay.   

When your team arrives at a spy briefcase, unlock the briefcase and text the secret code to the live scoring system.

Some of the briefcases are already open and can be seen from the public transport routes.  Others may require you to hop off at a train or bus stop and visit as many briefcases as you can before the next bus comes along.

The spy briefcases are worth different values, typically the harder to reach ones are worth more points. 



Public Transport


 The following public transport services are available to help in your days adventure:

  • Metlink Trains
  • Go Wellington bus
  • Mana Coach Service
  • Newlands Coach Service
  • Valley Flyer
  • The Wellington Cable Car
  • East By West Ferry

Your race pack will include a day pass.  Thanks to the support of the transport operators, this pass will entitle you to free transport on the above services.




Recently Orienteering Hut Valley ran a 1 hour foot only rogaine in Petone.  You'll find links below of the map and questions used.  Study the map and the questions and you'll get a good idea of how it works.  The triangle indicates the start.

Even better, get a couple of friends together, and go to Petone and have a go.  The start is at the end of Bracken Street, Petone.

Remember you have to be back at the start/finish before an hour is up.

Maps   Question/Answer Sheet


Which event shall I enter?


Six hours might sound like a long event - but you will spend some of this resting on the public transport.  The six hour event also gives you more options to explore - including the ferry to Days Bay.

But if you are a first timer, and this sounds intimidating, 3 hours will still give you plenty of time to explore our fantastic city.

We even have a trophy especially for the top first time team.


Live scoring


The live scoring system is unique to the Metlink City Safari.  It adds a whole new dimension to the event, with a live leader board at the event HQ, progress reports texted to you during the event, and the ability (after the event) to see which routes other teams took.

When you text in a secret code your location and score will be instantly updated on the leaderboard, and we will text you back you a live leaderboard update.




It is a tradition in rogaines (this form of orienteering) to include food as part of the event.  This year the food will be out on the course.  We will tell you where it is, but you are going to have to navigate to collect it.   




There will be a prize for the team with the most impressive spy costume. 


Prizes and Categories


There are prizes for the top teams, and for the entire top "spy ageny".  

Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category and length.  Categories include:

  • School
  • Vets (40 years +)
  • Young Families (youngest team member 9 or under)
  • Older Families (youngest team member between 10 and 17)
  • Open (Every one else)

There is also an award for the top first time team.  This is a team that has never competed in any navigation event before.

A live photo competition will be run during the event,  with photos uploaded to our Facebook page. Our favourite photo will win free movie passes. We are looking for fun, adventure and, of course, public transport.

And of course there is the best costume prize. Go on - you know you want to.